Tuesday, November 29

Thanksgiving Debrief

Table Top
How was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was great! Ours was very nice. It was wonderful to have everyone in our home. The kitchen is now officially broken in! Why is it that no matter how prepared I am, no matter how much is done ahead of time, it all erupts into chaos when it is time to actually get the food on the table. Does this happen to you? Any one have any tips for getting all the food onto the table while it is still hot?
The purple cabbage, in the top picture of my table top inspiration post, stuck with me. I created a purple centerpiece and found purple napkins (1$ off of each, thank you very much) to complete the look. I was very pleased with how it turned out. Just ask my mom, she was the witness to my shameless self congratulations. It isn't very often that I have an idea and I actually like the results of it. Do you find the same thing?
Dining Room
I gathered some purple plants and produce and just played around with them in different arrangements. Whole Foods had plenty of purple produce! I started with a circular pedestal dish and ended up using a bamboo oval serving piece to hold my arrangement. I added candles which I stuck onto the bamboo with glue tack. My arrangement ended up looking quite traditional but was made out of non traditional items. I used an ornamental cabbage in the center surrounded by purple kale leaves. I added beets, purple kohlrabi and grapes to fill in the holes.
Table Centerpiece
Do you have pictures of your Thanksgiving table? I'd love to see them. Leave a link.


suddenly sahm said...

what, no shout out to your coach?! ;)

Potters said...

Just a comment to say your table looks gorgeous, so pretty! I agree the last 20 minutes are chaos. I have no idea how to do it all and keep the food hot, but bless my parents they use to do an exceptional job. Its truly magic to pull that off.

likeschocolate said...

I think your table setting is gorgeous!

Marf said...

I say, just heat the gravy up stinkin' hot which takes care of room temp turkey.

poppyart said...


christie said...

Yes Indeed....it was totally lovely.

katy said...

SuddenlySAHM - How could I ever, ever forget to give props to my coach? Shame on me! Your most helpful tip? Mashed potatoes in the crock pot. Flippin genius. Thank you, jftb.

Potters - Thanks! Parents can always pull it off. Maybe our kids will think that about us? Maybe.

Likeschocolate - Thanks!

Marf - Spoken like the no nonsense woman you are.

Poppyart - Thanks!

Mom - Thank you for putting up with my self celebration :) I learned all this kinda stuff from you!! xo

Leah said...

It is so pretty! My mom always brings the centerpiece to our house since I stink at flower arranging and such. This one would look great in our dining room since it is almost the exact shade of purple of your napkins! I'm going to keep in in mind for next year. Thanks for the inspiration.

Road Trippers said...

Okay, I showed everyone your center piece post in Texas and we all had a good laugh. Your table is LOVELY and your ideas beautiful, but this is just not what our Thanksgivings are about. They are not pretty, but they are lively and the food is beyond delicious. We had 29 people, plus 2 babies, across 3 tables in my sisters living room/kitchen. Center pieces are the LAST things on our minds.

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