Tuesday, December 20

A Christmas Spirit

Looking for a special aperitif (or grown-up drink) to serve your guests this year? I must share one with you that I had at a friend's party. It is called a Barney and is made with BroVo Spirit's Ginger liqueur. Now, let me assure you this isn't your Grandma's liqueur, not that there is anything wrong with your Grandma or her liqueur. I'm just saying this one is different.

BroVo Spirits are made with with fresh, local (WA state) ingredients and produced in small craft distilleries; in true artisanal style. They are not sickly sweet and syrupy. And they are lady made! To find out where they are sold, click the Find Us tab on their website. For you locals, I bought a bottle at the liquor store on 15th in Crown Hill. BroVo is also served at Tom Douglas restaurants.Barney
4 oz sparkling wine
1.5 oz BroVo Ginger Liqueur (about a shot)

For a festive touch, serve with a twist or a single cranberry.

These are delicious! They have just enough ginger flavor to make the sparkling wine more interesting, but not enough to overpower.

Look for other interesting BroVo flavors - Douglas Fir, Lemon Balm, Rose Geranium, and Lavender. Look for Rhubarb in the spring.

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Road Trippers said...

Thanks for making the decision for me about Christmas Eve! I can't wait to plop a little cranberry in there...

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