Wednesday, May 14

First Pick

Look! I got my first harvest from the garden! Can't even begin to explain how thrilling it was. Ah, the simple pleasures. These are greens from my spicy salad mix. And trust me, they are spicy! Turns out they're spicy for a very good reason - they are all mustard plants! And guess what . . . arugula is actually a mustard plant. Explains the zippy taste. The purple edged mustard variety, I thinks it's purple osaka or red giant, is the spiciest of the bunch. It's actually very reminiscent of horseradish. Mixed it in with some regular ol' salad greens I had in the fridge - was just the kick my salad needed. Can hardly wait for more goodies from the ground.

I'll post pictures of my raised bed all planted and purtty next week. I'm still waiting for spring to arrive so I can add my tomatoes and pumpkins. I'm told spring is arriving this weekend.
We'll see.


Woven Chains said...

Looks yummer-nummer! I love salad!

Anonymous said...

i sampled all the horse radish
one. Audrey wanted to pick and chose
cilantro and flowers..Eva watered and
watered...Grandma love it......grandma.

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