Monday, May 19

Garden Bits

Spring arrived. Actually it was more like a sweltering touch down. None the less, it was great to see something other than gray in the sky. I finished planting my vegetable bed. Added a sun gold tomato, 2 broccoli plants (found these at the Ballard Farmers Market and couldn't resist) and 3 ghost pumpkin starts. On a whim I also bought 4 organic strawberry plants, tristar variety, and planted those around our patio. Now I'm set. Just a waiting. Checking all the time, fussing, watering, definitely smothering. Just can't stay away. I'm too excited. Here is the complete list of what's planted in the raised bed. Starting in the closest corner and going clockwise: 2 broccoli plants & 2 ghost pumpkins, tomato & 1 ghost pumpkin, snap peas (bush variety), potatoes, edible flowers, carrots, salad mixes, cilantro & parsley.

My mom suggested planting my tomato at a 45 degree angle. She said it would straighten itself out, searching for the sun, and end up with a stronger stalk. I tried it. It was straight 2 days later. hmmm. Has anyone out there heard of this?

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Anonymous said...

Mom's are fountains of info..especially librarian,
crossword puzzle moms. Yeah for the

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