Saturday, September 27

Tension Rod Puppet Theater

Sat down to tell you about this cool project, checked a few blogs and lo and behold came across this post. Yeah, it's the EXACT same thing I was going to share with you. Ha! Anyhoo, on with the show . . .

My daughter's preschool teacher shared this idea with me and it's pretty flippin' brilliant.

Whatcha Need
Tension Rod - I bought a Round Spring Tension Cafe Rod that extends 28" - 48"
1 Yard of fabric (an old sheet or curtain panel would work too)
Sewing machine (needle & thread OR fusible tape - if you're a non sewer)

How To
~Fold the edge of your fabric over, about 2 inches. Sew (or fuse) near the folded edge, creating a casing for the tension rod.
~Insert rod into the casing
~Hang in a doorway
~ Stand back and let the magic begin

For the flag garland, I followed the procedure at Purl (mine is NOT double sided, though.) They are just chain pieced together - so easy.

This is perfect for a rainy day. Can be folded up and put away, always a plus!

See ya Monday for our SHAPE CHALLENGE!


Blushing Ink said...

I saw something like this in Amy Karol's book, and she made a little case to put it all in, too. So, that's an idea for helping with the storage.

Your's is too adoable, btw.

Lisa said...

So cute!! A few steps advanced from my system of putting the tension rod up and then just throwing a sheet over it!!! For those of us with no sewing skills.

Dee Light said...

I did this with my oldest daughter when she was younger!! I need to do it with my son, he would love it. Thanks for remindin me.

jojoebi-designs said...

I have been looking at this idea but we don't seem to have a suitable door way!

BTW our muffin tin is up


This Girl loves to Talk said...

I have never heard or seen a tension rod around here before. did you get it from a hardware store??? maybe I will try bunnings (similar to Lowes in the states)

Jessica said...

That puppet theater looks like loads of fun. I use puppets all the time at school!

Anonymous said...

Love this idea! I love the pennant/garland, too.

Here's our MTM Shapes Edition post!

Thanks for a fun theme! Can't wait to hear the next one.

Panjo Kids said...

I just started making the one from Amy Karols book, "Bend the Rules Sewing"- it's such a cute idea! A great gift idea, too.

This Girl loves to Talk said...

and here is our muffin tin entry - lots of fun

Elizabeth Lyng said...

Very cute! Here is our Shapes Muffin Tin:


mylittlegems said...

very cute. I made some pennant garland a while back- and lo and behold it was already posted in a few places...I thought I had an original:) oh well. I love this idea for a puppet theater and we have all this - so it would be easy and fun to do. Thanks for sharing. I'll try to get my MMM meal up sometime this week....just don't feel like posting anything lately :) sharla

Katie @ Cheep Ideas said...

This is the cutest!! I've added it to my DIY Theaters and Sock Puppets roundup today. Thanks for sharing!

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