Monday, December 1

Cinnamon Ornaments

This was our first craft project in Luxembourg! Actually I learned of this project from my girls co-op preschool teacher. These fragrant ornaments make great gift toppers and teacher gifts. Hang them near a light on the Christmas tree to release their festive cinnamon smell.

Cinnamon (at least 1/2 cup)
Apple Sauce
Cookie Cutters
1 Straw
Rolling Pin
Parchment Paper
Step 1:
Mix the cinnamon and apple sauce. You need equal parts of each. Start with a 1/2 cup of each - it makes more than you think. You can use Elmer's Glue in place of apple sauce. I think they smell better with apple sauce. Add a dash of cloves, ground ginger or pumpkin pie spice if you like. You can use a bowl and spoon to mix or place ingredients in a gallon size zip lock bag and smush.

Step 2:
Roll out dough on parchment paper. You may need to sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on the paper and the rolling pin. Sometimes it's easier to just pat the dough out. We did a little of both. You want the dough to be between 1/8 - 1/4 of an inch thick.

Step 3:
Cut out shapes. With the straw, poke a hole where you want the ribbon to be threaded (we used one from a juice box for a smaller hole and because it's all we had.)

Step 4:
Let shapes dry over night or longer if they're thick.

Step 5:
Thread ribbon through to hang. I thought bakers' twine would have been cute. Wish I had some.

Step 6:
Smell and admire!

Here is another cinnamon ornament tutorial.
Thanks for your comments about the cookies. Catherine, thanks for the heads up about the vanilla. The viles just didn't seem right. Julie, I'm not entirely sure why my cookies are thick. I think its because I only use 1 stick of butter for the toll house recipe instead of 2. Have no idea why the recipe calls for 2, they are great with one. The convection oven I now have may be a factor as well. Lisa, our final and main shipment should be here within 2 weeks.

I've seen a few posts with Christmas books. The girls and I got out our Christmas books today and I'm excited to share a few of our favorites. Book posts will be coming soon.


D. Wagner said...

I recently discovered your blog, what a gem! Can't wait to make these ornaments, though applesauce seems to be a rare commodity here.

I'm a current expat myself, from Chicago to London. So we don't have a true language barrier though there are definitely times I would like a translator.

Best of luck as you continue to get settled. What a wonderful day it was when our sea shipment arrived! Everything old was new again.


Dawn said...

Ooh, I love those cinnamon ornaments. My mom had one that hung over the stove, and you could always smell it while you were cooking. Delicious! :)

Annie said...

These are a yearly favorite of mine! Fun!

Julie said...

I am amazed you can get applesauce there...we cannot get it here, I have to make it from scratch, which is fine, just time consuming...

katy said...

funny about the apple sauce -

I found that jar of applesauce with the baking supplies. It is called a dessert and contains sugar. I also found little cups of apple sauce without sugar (which I feed my 2 year old) in the refrigerated section with the yogurt/puddings/etc.

Annie Scarlett said...

I made these last week for Thanksgiving and I was in hurry so I baked them in the oven (170 degrees for an hour on each side). It made them get a lot thinner. I'm going to make them again this week for our Christmas tree and leave them out over night instead. My boys loved how they smelled.

Lisa said...

This is on my to-do list for ornament making. Thanks for the recipe!

Jessica said...

I'm planning on making these on Friday with my students. Would you mind if I used your photos to show the kids how to make them? We might even find Lux on the globe....

Brenda said...

My daughter made these at the sitter's back when I was a working woman. That was 7 or 8 years ago and we pulled out her ornaments today and they STILL smell good!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Teacher Janice would be proud!

Emily & Jeff said...

yum! Hope the Malate family gets one for our tree!

mylittlegems said...

We did the Cinnamon thing last year- but we never hung them on the tree- just made the dough and played w/ it- it smelled so good! you have some cute C-mas posts. I am just too tired to do any lately! Hope you are settled in your new place :) said...

I have such fond memories of making these as a kid-thanks so much for bringing that back! I'll be linking.

Amber D. said...

I was just wanting to look for this recipe this week! Thanks for making it easy!

Monkey's Mama said...

I'm so glad you linked to the Crafty Crow book/advent idea. I have been so behind in reading blogs and blogging and . . . everything! I'm slowly catching up with you (backwards) :)

Loree and Roy said...

I know that this is a late comment since it is the end of January...but I just fell upon your blog and came across all your fun little Christmas crafts!These ornaments bring back so many memories! I'm 33 and not a mother yet, but my mom used to do these with me and my sisters and we'd hang them from thin red ribbon, just the same, from the Christmas tree and the windows as garland. These ornaments and a few other crafts that you have on your blog have gotten me so excited to be a mom (God willing) and share these same crafts that my mom did with me, with my children. Seeing the pics of them being made on your blog took me back and just had to stop by to tell you...good job for making these awesome memories with your girls for them to carry on to their kids! =)

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