Tuesday, March 3

Italy - Day 1

We arrived at Leonardo da Vinci Airport (also known as Fiumicino Airport) in Rome after a quick 1.5 hour flight from Lux. We took a train, The Leonardo Express, from the airport into the city of Rome. With the girls, all of our luggage, including 2 car seats (for our post Rome travels), this was no graceful act. But we muscled through and arrived in Rome at the train station. You don't need nor want a rental car in Rome. Parking is difficult, traffic is insane, there is road construction all over, many roads are only open to cars at certain times and, supposedly, it is easy to get around in the city without a car. You wouldn't rent a car to see New York City, the same applies in Rome.

Our next task was to get the keys to our rental apartment. After weighing our options - Bryce ran to the rental office and I stayed with the girls and our pile of stuff. Bryce returned about 45 minutes later with the keys. The 4 of us then set out on the crazy streets of Rome to our apartment. Again, nothing graceful or pleasant about this, but again we muscled through and after a short walk we made it to our apartment. Thankfully it was close to the train station.

We unloaded, the kids rejoiced and ran around. Whew! As soon as it was humanly possible, we headed out to see our first sight - The Trevi Fountain. After 1 trip on the Metro and lots of walking we made it. It was massive and beautiful. The girls were eager to throw in their coins.

The fountain dicpicts Neptune, the Roman God of the sea, being lead in his chariot by Tritons. The theme of the fountain is Taming of the Waters. The fountain was designed by Nicola Salvi in 1732 and finished in 1762. The fountain sits where 3 streets converge. This is reflected in its name - tri vie meaing 3 roads.

After throwing our coins in to assure our return to Rome we had some pizza at a touristy place next to the fountain. We then got some gelato and enjoyed it in front of the fountain. It was the best part of the day. Eating gelato by the Trevi Fountain with the people I love most in the world. I couldn't have asked for a better way to end our first night in Rome.

More pictures here.


StoreyJohnsons in Sud Italia said...

Really great photos Katy. And once again, your prose are a joy to read, very descriptive and interesting. Brava!

Jessica said...

Now you are making me want to go and buy a flight to Rome right now!

poppyart said...

i'm a bit rubbish about remembering details for trips to europe... but strangely enough, i can always remember eating icecream by the trevi fountain! (my stomach is important to me) doesn't the fountain just appear from nowhere in the middle of the city?

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