Sunday, April 5

As Promised

Ah, back from a wonderful, wonderful day. We ventured to France for a visit at the Zoo D'Amneville. Incredible animals. Amazing raptor show. Sunshine and happiness.

On with the Easter craft. Go dig some plastic bottles out of your recycling bin, I'll show you how to turn them into Easter Baskets. Mine are made out of UHT milk bottles but any similar type of plastic bottle would work.

I'm sure you can figure out how I made these just by looking at them, but here's the play-by-play just in case.

1) Rinse out plastic bottle. Let it dry.

2) Cut the top part of the bottle off, leaving it about 4 inches tall. This is your basket.

3) From the top part of the bottle, cut 2 long strips 1 inch wide and 10 inches long (just an estimate) These will be the handles.

4) Staple a plastic strip to each side of the basket (brads would work as well.) Staple the strips together where they meet, forming the handle.

5) Decorate! Permanent markers, ribbons, ric rac, plastic jewels, buttons, feathers, etc. We used NON Washable Elmer's glue to affix the ribbons but I would have used my glue gun if I had it.

We invited a few friends over to make these with us. The girls really loved drawing on their baskets, especially the handles. They had a great time. Honestly, I was surprised it was such a hit given it was a pretty simple project. This project worked nicely for the ages of the girls - 2.5 - 7 years old.

We also blew some eggs. The girls then smeared them with glitter glue. This was also a HUGE hit. And totally hilarious to watch. Lisa has instructions on her blog. She also has a great post on how to make adorable Easter Basket cupcakes.


Lisa said...

ADORABLE project!!! That looks like lots of fun. We also spent a glorious day at the zoo yesterday enjoying the animals and sunshine. Thanks for the shout-out!!!

This Girl loves to Talk said...

LOL what a great way to use up the millions of UHT bottles you have :)I have heard of big families living in Europe (that are big milk drinkers) having just 100's of those bottles :)

they are adorable!! good recycling said...

I love the basket, what a great idea! I'll be linking.

* elizabeth * said...

GREAT idea katy! I love the ball fringe!

poppyart said...

really lovely! thanks. we made do with some cardboard squares. Mine (oops, harry's) was particularly pretty.

Emily Malate said...

I'm curious about your next blog entry...I bet those gossip magazines are keeping you distracted!

Unknown said...

LOVE this idea! I have got to try it with my 2.5 yr old. Thanks for sharing.

Jen said...

What a wonderful! This is very resourceful Thank you for sharing this. Awesome and perfect for the kids. We also did a Bottled Spring out of the same materials you used. You should check this out! Bottled Spring: Fine Motor Nature Walk

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