Monday, June 29

Paris Days and Nights

Friday, June 26th:
9: 15 Arrive in Paris via the TGV from Lux
{} Check into hotel - frantically freshen up so we can get out into the city
{} Walk up to Montmartre, take the Funicular up the last little bit.
{} Enjoy the view from the steps of Sacre-Cour.
{} Dinner
12:30 Stumble back to hotel

Saturday, June 27th:
9:45 Wake up in a fog, shocked at sleeping in soo late - get ready quickly!!
{} Take the Metro to Pompidou Center to see the Kandinsky and Calder exhibits
{} Get coffee at Starbucks across from the Pompidou Center . . . yeah, I know shame on us for not stopping for a coffee and pastry in a bistro - but we miss Starbucks - I'm not going to lie.
{} Tour the Kandinsky and Calder exhibits as well as the permanent collection on the 2nd floor.
{} Grab and sandwich and eat it in the square in front of the Pomideo center. Enjoy the street performer who is speed painting a picture upside down. No joke. Turns out to be a portrait of Barak Obama.
{} Take Metro to The Champs-Elysees - stop at Laduree and hand select 12 macarons.

{} Continue down the Champs-Elysees, stop at a cafe for a few beers and to people watch.
{} Proceed up the Champs-Elysees - near the Arc de Triomphe watch some street performers breakdance.
{} Take Metro to the Eiffel Tower
{} Loiter around the Eiffel Tower. Debate waiting in huge lines to go up to the 2nd floor. People watch. Wait for public bathroom to reopen after cleaning.
{} Take Metro back to hotel. Freshen up for dinner
{} Take Metro to the Marais district. As trendy and "hot" as described. Clearly we don't belong here. But we stay anyway. Good for us. Stop by Notre Dame on the way to Marais.
{} Dinner at a Korean BBQ place in the Place du Marche Ste. Catherine in Marais. Something different. Somewhere we wouldn't eat with the kids. Each meal is served on an individual gas heated tray. We both had BBQ pork and shared a bottle of rose.
12:00 Stumble back to the Hotel

Sunday, June 28th
7:30 Wake up -thanks to Bryce's cell phone alarm
{} Coffee - not at a French cafe (that's all I'm going to say)
{} Walk to the Orsay Museum throughThe Tuileries, past The Louvre
{} In the museum, head straight to the 5th floor to the Impressionists also visiting Klimt, Munch and Rodin on the 2nd floor.
{} Lunch at the Orsay cafe
{} Leisurely walk to a Metro Stop
{} Back to the hotel to pack
2:02 TGV leaves Paris for Lux

Macaron tasting notes coming up . . .


Leslie said...

i am sooo jealous!!! What a trip!

ksjjpalmer said...

wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing.

suddenly sahm said...

Oh, Katy, how fabulous. One of the things that gets me in the Louvre like your pic above is the sheer size of some of those paintings. Unbelievable. I will not scold you for missing sbux. ;)

poppyart said...

you have confirmed my wish to pop over to paris on the eurostar soon... and my buddy from australia is visiting in Sept, will be the perfect opportunity. you have sparked so many memories... paris turned out so much better than i expected - i didnt expect it to live up to the hype. there are some benefits to living in europe!

poppyart said...

you have reminded me of how wonderful paris is - i didn't expect it to live up to the hype. i have even enjoyed it once with a coach load of teenagers! your break looks wonderful, not least as you were there as a couple - how strange it is not to lug child/ren and supplies everywhere. can you imagine queuing in cake shops with a tired little one!!??
you have re-ignited the plans for a visit when my girlfriend is over from Australia in Sept. thanks.

Chillygator said...

The beheaded statue was my favorite thing ever of Notre Dame and the first thing I noticed on the facade (o: I'm so happy you posted a picture!

katy said...

Poppyart - Thanks for the comment, I must go over and read your blog! I've fallen behind. I can't think of a better way (other than with your husband)of seeing Paris. You and your friend will have a wonderful time! I have friend coming over in Sept/Oct. and we're going for the weekend . . . maybe we could all meet up for a macaron? :)

Chillygator - I'm glad you like the picture. Honestly, I wouldn't have noticed the beheaded saint (St. Denis)had it not been written about in Rick Steves' Best of Europe book. Great book, btw.

poppyart said...

wow. i am all booked now, over on the 26/27 sept. yay for the eurostar. apologies for the doubling up of message, you know when you aren't sure when you've sent something properly!!?? may just be me! if you do happen to be in paris for that weekend, i would love to meet up and sample macarons...

katy said...

I think it will work!!! How cool would that be? My friend gets in on Wednesday - we could leave on Friday. I'll email you after I've finalized our plans. Now we just need to locate a fabric store too :)

Monkey's Mama said...

sounds wonderful!!!

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