Monday, July 6

More from Paris - The Pompidou Center

The Kandinsky exhibit is what attracted us to The Pompidou Center as we both enjoy his paintings. Surprisingly, though it was the Alexander Calder exhibit that we were blown away with. When I think of Calder, I always think of his mobiles - iconic and unquestionably Calder.

I had no idea he created characters in wire. Calder was quoted as saying, "I think better in wire." Did he ever! The animals he created were amazing in their simplicity and elegance. He often used recycled or scrap materials giving some of his creations a primitive, folk art appeal.

His portraits had an uncanny similarity to his model. They were displayed against a white wall so the reflections were seen as well - just as amazing as looking at the wire sculpture it's self.

Calder created a whole circus out of his primitive animals and people. It was small enough to fit in a suitcase. He carried it around with him and performed his circus in France. In the exhibit there was film of one of his performances. Here is one from The Whitney Museum in New York. It is strange and wonderful all at the same time.

If you're in Paris before July 20th run to the Pompidou Center. This is an exhibit not to be missed!

photos from The Whitney Museum


Unknown said...

Hey Katy! Hope you are packed...can't wait to see you guys. My parents LOVED Calder. They created mobiles for our house based on his inspiration. Take care! Your MIL

Andrew said...

Calder definitely did think better in wire. I still have not figured that guy out. He also makes Calder lithographs that I think accompany any of his sculpture/mobile works very well but I have yet to see a room displaying both. Thanks for the neat video, too.

Road Trippers said...

Oooooh, I just LOVE learning things I didn't know before I logged onto Sycamore Stirrings!!!!

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