Saturday, August 22

Ghent Before Brussels

Before I move us on to Brussels, I wanted to share a few interesting bits from Ghent.

Lace shops a go-go in Ghent. I noticed that all of items for sale were marked "handmade." I asked the sales clerk about this, suspecting they were "handmade" in China. She said the needle work is done by elderly Belgians. Is this true? I wanted to buy a few doilies for framing, but lost energy. So pretty aren't they?

This was a garden shop that sold flower flavored ice cream. Emily and I each had a sample. She tasted Orange Blossom. I tried Rose Petal. So glad I only had a taste, it was too perfumey. Not at all like the subtle Rose macaroon from Laduree. Anyone else tried flower flavored ice cream?

I loved this store. It is called Huiszwaluw. Managed to find a few things there that I couldn't live without.

Saw this sign at a public toilet. Does anyone know anything about it?

This confused me. Anyone?

Ah, Belgian chocolates. We each picked out one. Eva had a milk chocolate rose. Mine was coconut with Contreau. Audrey's was shaped like a crown and filled with orange flavored ganache. Bryce chose best. Hands down. His was a little cup of the best caramel you've ever tasted.

Brussels here we come!


Juice said...

I've had lavender ice cream. It's interesting - very different. My friend thought it tasted like eating soap!

Did you find out what the signs meant??

katy said...

Juice - No not yet. Still hoping for a Belgian to drop me a comment!! BTW, nothing about eating Lavender appeals to me. I imagine it tasting like soap (or hand cream) too.

Mama Llama said...

I'm so curious about that bathroom sign! Do women in Belgium need to be reminded to sit when they "go"?

Was the sign on the outside of the bathroom? Or inside? Belgium isn't one of those places on Earth with mostly squat toilets, is it? If it is, could that sign have indicated that this particular facility had modern toilets?

Was it a same-sex bathroom? In which case, the sign is to remind men to leave the toilets free for women? Or to clean up any dribbles? (In which case, I need that sign here in my house to gently remind my boys.)

Oh the many possibilities of that sign!

katy said...

Mama Llama,

No nothing yet. I'm just as curious as you! Yes, many possibilities. It wasn't a same sex bathroom. There weren't squat toilets. It was on the wall as you walked into the ladies room. So strange, but I'm sure it will make perfect sense once an explanation is given. Here is more of the sign.

Lucie said...

I googled and found this:

Horeca-coach Bart Ingelbrecht van Gent is een van de initiatiefnemers van 'Gent laat haar zitten', een project voor openbare toiletten in Gent.
Met het project ‘Gent laat haar zitten’ heeft de stad enkele plaatsen in kaart gebracht waar vrouwen gratis naar het toilet kunnen gaan. Zo’n dertig horecazaken stellen hun sanitaire voorzieningen helemaal kosteloos ter beschikking voor vrouwen, zonder dat je daarvoor in de zaak iets moet consumeren. Iedere deelnemende horecazaak krijgt een herkenbare sticker met een ‘plasvriendelijkheidslabel’.
Het initiatief kwam er naar aanleiding van de Gentse feesten. Want ook feestvierders moeten wel eens naar het toilet. Voor mannen is plasgelegenheid vinden geen probleem. Vrouwen gaven wel eens kritiek over het gebrek aan toiletten. Dat probleem is bij deze verholpen

It means that woman can use the toilet for free in this restaurant without buying a drink or have something to eat. For men it's easyer to find a place to urinate. This was initiated after complains of woman that they couldn't find a place to use the toilet at the Party's at Gent.

I hope I could be of any help.
Greetings, Lucie

katy said...

Lucie!! Thank you so much for your stealth googling skills! And thanks to the women in Ghent who complained! When you gotta go, you gotta go!

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