Monday, October 26

Mac Daddy

I was bound and determined to make it to Pierre Herme this trip to Paris. And I did. We did. However it came at the expense of Julie's poor feet. Her super cute ballet flats which started out as "comfortable shoes" turned on her. At one point she swore there must have been only bones left on her feet, no soft skin padding. But Julie is a trooper.

Pierre Herme is located at 72, rue Bonaparte. We stopped for lunch around 24, rue Bonaparte right across from the church of St. Germain-des-pres. After food, rest and a cappiccino she was ready to complete our death march for macarons. We made it. These macs became more than just Pierre Herme macarons, they were blood macarons. Thank you Julie. And thanks to your trotters as well.

I found the macs at Lauduree had soft, delicate flavors. They specialized in giving you just the essence of flavor. The macs at Pierre Herme were just the opposite. In fact, a few could be described as bold, brash balls of screaming flavor. On with the notes, starting left to right:

Orange and Caramel: Odd flavor combination. One of the flavors should have been more obvious. Didn't do anything for me.

Mint: Tasted like a wad of fresh mint from the garden. Literally. No subtely here. Just fresh, real mint. If this is your flavor, this is the mac for you.

Passionfruit and Milk Chocolate: This was almost a shock to the palate. A tangy, almost tart parrionfruit that nearly caused the mouth to pucker. Combined with soft, smooth milk chocolate. It was tasty, unexpected and unusual.

Rose: Yes, this was rose. No doubt about it. Too rosie for me.

Jasmine: This was flavored with jasmine tea. I couldn't really taste anything at all. Dissapointing.

Olive oil and Vanilla: So weird. Definitely got the olive oil taste. Soft and pretty savory. Didn't taste any vanilla. Bryce wouldn't try it :)

Not Sure: I'm not sure what flavor this beauty was. Spend way too much time researching it on line too. Didn't find it. Any one know? It had a teeny square of red jelly candy in the middle. Obviously the flavor didn't knock my socks off because I don't even remember it -

Grapefruit: Different. Tangy, but not too much.

Have you been to Pierre Herme? I'd love to know what you think . . .


Heather - said...

So, sounds like they're pretty but not that great to eat. :) Pretty, though!!

Julia @Mélanger said...

Yes, have been to PH, Laduree and Gerard Mulot and eaten (too) many macarons! PH has probably the most outrageous flavour combinations. Though his standard / classic flavours are utterly delicious, his more experimental ones are not for everyone. My favourite macaron is by far from Laduree. Hands down. But in saying that, I am jealous of the box of macarons in your photograph.

Jessica said...

You're making me hungry! Those look super tasty!!

Jennifer Hoech said...

My absolute favorite were the minis at Sprungli in Zurich. If you get the chance, try them out,_ag.html

i really wish they could be shipped to the US

Leslie said...

i am wishing i was in France right now so that i could get myself some of those cookies!

Potters said...

Love the photo...and again, so jealous. Can't even conceptualize how frigging cool your travels and experiences are. Enjoy! And one more thing..I am loving your blog and reading all about daily life in Lux, etc. And I'm always sad when you don't have a new post..even though I know you too have a "life" and don't need to blog every day.

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