Thursday, November 12

{Florence} Boboli Gardens

Upon reading the description of Pitti Palace, "The building itself is mammoth, holding several different museums. You'll walk through one palatial, chandeliered room after another, walls sagging with masterpieces. . . " Julie and I let out a collective groan. Apparently there was a limit to how many museums a person can visit on a trip to Italy. Needless to say, Julie and I had reached that limit. So we opted for the garden of Pitti Palace - Boboli Garden.

Boboli Garden was designed in the 16th century. It covers 11.1 acres of land. It even houses a museuem, the Museso delle Porcellane. The museum holds a collection of precious European porcelain used by the reigning families that lived in Pitti Palace.

The gardens were just what Julie and I were looking for. We could be outside, enjoying the sunny, warm day and wander around at our leisure.
Piazzale dell'Isolotto
Detail from the exterior of Pitti Palace My *favorite* thing in Boboli Gardens were these drinking fountains. They were only about the size of a pair of cupped hands. These fountains were scattered about the Gardens. Wonderful, huh? View of Florence at the bottom of the Garden

* Quoted text from Rick Steves' Best of Europe 2009. I love this book.


Road Trippers said...

Oooh, I would have checked out every one of those tiny fountains!

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Can't wait to get to Florence...I think I might just be tempted to spend all of my time in this garden. I especially love that alley of trees shot.

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