Tuesday, November 10

{Rome} Day 2 - Famous Sites

During our second day in Rome Julie and I visited as many famous sites as we could. Here are some snapshots from our day: View from the top of the Spanish Steps The Trevi Fountain. Um, it's somewhere in there. Parts of it anyway. We got in the habit of ending our site seeing around 6:00. We'd find a restaurant, order a spritz, rest our feet and watch the scene. We did this in Florence and Pisa too. Not a bad way to decompress.
In the Piazza de Popolo there is a statue in each corner depicting one of the 4 seasons. Julie and I really couldn't decipher who was who. Whaddya think, spring? Pinocchio paraphernalia all over the place.

A peek of The Panetheon
Building detail from The Piazza Rotunda



Mama Llama said...

One of my favorite things about visiting European cities is how you can be walking down a modern street, and between buildings you get a peak of something like the Parthenon. Right there! It could be such an unexpected surprise.

se7en said...

Oh I can't wait for florence, my favorite city in the world!!! the food, the shops, the sites, the art gallery... really everything is just lovely!!!

Mama Llama said...

LOL! I just re-read my comment. Imagine what a surprise it would be to be walking down a street in Rome and catch a peek of the Parthenon!! LOL! I've been high on pain meds for weeks now, so I'm surprised I'm not seeing the Parthenon (or the Pantheon) right here in my living room.

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