Thursday, February 4

Bits and Pieces and Feet

Thanks for all your great comments! I had no idea skin tests were so common. This is my first foray into the world of allergies. I've been lucky never to have had one. The funniest thing about this whole experience was hearing Eva telling Bryce about her skin test. He asked he if it hurt and she paused and casually said, "Yeah, but only for a minute." I guess she forgot that 30 minutes of crying. Good thing, really. Wish my memory was more like that.
I'm excited to tell you that I'm going to be blogging over at Expatica once and a while. They just launched a Luxembourg section of their site and asked me to contribute to it. Here is a little interview I did with them. I'm looking forward to sharing bits about life here in Luxembourg. It is such a special little country. Come visit! See for yourself! If you don't already know about Expatica, it is a huge online resource for expats in Europe. It is the most comprehensive site for expats I've seen.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I'm going to leave you tonight with a recent find at the grocery store. Chicken feet. Strangely human. Possibly Alien. Look at those nails. The green sticker in the corner (not really pictured) stated that this was a Portuguese product. So, I must ask my Portuguese readers - how chicken feet are prepared and eaten? Are they the Portuguese equivalent of American buffalo wings? Are the nails eaten? Ooooo, please tell!

p.s. spell check seems to be down on blogger tonight, please excuse my spelling mistakes. I'm sure there are many.


Meredith said...

Those feet are frightening!!!! Yikes! I have no idea how you would prepare those, but I'd have to say that I would probably not venture that direction with my cooking. Ha! Good luck!! Hope they taste delish! Oh, and congrats with your new online venture!

christie said...

I believe that they are an ingredient of
Paella. mom

km said...

I've only eaten Chicken Feet in China. There, they were deep fried. So, maybe that would make it like buffalo wings. They were always included when we went to big dinners (especially those with the university staff). I never ordered them on my own.

se7en said...

My parents' (in their late 70's) best friends who were originally from Poland, insist that the only way to have chicken soup is with the feet in it... that's how their parents did it and their parents before them. Frankly I totally pass!!!

jojoebi-designs said...

when we were in Ecuador they sold packs of chicken feet and chicken heads, you could buy them by the 6 or the dozen! I believe they used them to make the stock in soup and sauces.

In Japan, the top selling bar food is chicken knuckles, deep fried and crunchy!

Laura said...

Growing up, I can remember seeing chicken feet in the grocery stores. I didn't think twice about it, since my grandparents raised and slaughtered chickens. And also, if you ask Ava what her favorite meat is, she'll tell you chicken hearts.

* elizabeth * said...

I have really no idea how to prepare them , BUt I can get chicken feet, (and pig's feet and whole rabbit among other things...)at the Portuguese market right up the street, here in the US.

Margaret said...

We have a grocery store near us that sells chicken feet. My mom uses them to make chicken stock. She lets them simmer with her veggies and water for a few hours and then strains them out. They live 300 miles away so we always have to get some whenever we are going up to visit them. My hubby won't open the freezer as long as there are chicken feet inside. They give him the heebie jeebies.

Maluhia said...


I just have to commnent about the chicken feet. I'm Filipino and we cook and eat chicken feet ( eventhough I haven't had them since I was a child. If you got to the International District in Seattle and eat dim sum, they offer chicken feet.

Julie said...

Chicken feet make wonderfully gelatinous (and super healthful) broth.

Dana said...

ewwwww on the feet. i have seem them here as well. . . no packaged with such a quantity , though.
plan on trying them?

Unknown said...


My husband & I have just moved to Luxembourg from America for his job.

(I am contacting you through comment post because I don't know how else to...must become more blog savy!)

Before coming out here, I read your blog to help me in our new world. We are so happy to be here, living in Europe is a dream come true. I can't wait for the Spring, I know we will really be able to enjoy Luxembourg once everything is in bloom. Moving from sunny Florida to this freezing cold has been quite a shock!

Thank-you for your lovely blog...especially your "Little Differences" posts, it's nice to know I'm not the only one noticing these things!

We are moving into our home this weekend, once we are settled I plan on going by the American Woman's Club...I hope to meet you there sometime!

Thank-you again for sharing your day to day life here in Luxembourg, it has been so useful & also enjoyable to read!

Have a nice weekend,

katy said...

Thanks for the great comments! I had no idea they were a part of so many different types of cuisine - Chinese, Polish, Ecuadorian, Filipino, and Japanese! So interesting.

Maluhia - Thanks for the tip about Dim Sum in Seattle. I didn't know Dim Sum was part of the Filipino culture - thought it was only Chinese. Interesting.

Laura, I must know where you saw chicken feet at the grocery store in Seattle? I can't picture it. Ava is such an adventurous eater. She'd do really well over here.

jojo - I can't imagine a chicken knuckle would be bigger than a tic tac. Certainly wouldn't want to be the one having to sort them out of the "toes"

Julie and Margaret- using them to make broth makes perfect sense to me. In fact when I saw them that was the first thing I thought of. Must be the bone and marrow that makes the stock so rich.

Road Trippers said...

I've only eaten them in Dim Sum restaurants, too...and China. Always crispy and I kind of wonder, "Why bother?" Not much to them.

Unknown said...

chicken feet in asia is a very common dish.. there's braised chicken feet in soy sauce, teochew chicken feet(where the bones are removed), fried chicken feet, chicken feet in curry.. all kinds of chicken feet dished actually.. and no the tips with the nails are usually cut off before cooking. =)

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