Saturday, March 13


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Ah, chouquettes aka sugar puffs. Little bits of choux dough, sprinkled with pearl sugar and baked to a golden crisp. I loved reading David Lebovitz's thoughts on choquettes. He, too, has found that you can't eat just one. In fact he's discovered that 10 seems to be the minimum number that must be consumed at one time. He also confessed to eating the whole batch after baking them. That made me laugh out loud. I can so relate. That's why I only make them for company now.

Have you tried making these? They are really easy. They are made from choux dough. The dough is cooked, made in a sauce pan. It is unlike any dough I've ever made. Choux dough is used for cream puffs, among other things. Chouquettes are basically an empty cream puff - they are all puff, no cream. The dough must be refrigerated before use, so I make it the night before and then bake right before company comes. They really don't keep past a day - another reason they are so easy to consume a batch at a time. Don't say I didn't warn ya! I've used this recipe with good results but would like to try this one, just for kicks and I'm a bit of a Lebovitz groupie these days.

Communion Cake

For those of you ready to take your chouquette baking up a notch, I ran across this post about making a croquembouche via not martha. A croquembouche is basically cream puffs stacked and held together with caramel. They are traditional in France for weddings and communions. I saw one for a communion on display in Oberweis a few weeks ago.


Jessica said...

I'll have to try making chouquettes---they do look like something you can't just eat one of!

likeschocolate said...

I have always wanted to make this, but just never seem to getting around to it. I have heard that they are super easy to make. I forgot about prezel Sunday even though you mentioned it a view post ago. I most of gotten distacted by the last grocery item surprise you posted about :) I would probably find it hard to eat just one too. Given I can eat a half a pan of brownies without blinking.

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