Sunday, April 4

Den Haag

Escher's Tessellation
We really enjoyed our stay in The Hague. It is a beautiful city. We stayed right in the center of town on a street full of art galleries and restaurants. Although Keukenhof Garden was the main focus of our trip to The Netherlands, we were able to explore The Hague a bit. The highlight of our city stop was our visit to Lange Voorhout Palace. The Palace houses a museum of M.C. Escher's work. His work was fascinating. The girls enjoyed the hands-on portion of the museum. There we could experiment with reflection, illusion and perspective; all themes in Escher's work. Honestly, even after many explanations of tessellations, my mom and I still don't really get them.
famous Escher
Hands-on exhibit: Escher Museum
Playing with Reflection
In addition to Escher's work, there was also a collection of unexpected and whimsical chandeliers. The chandeliers were designed by a Dutch artist and constructed in the Czech Republic. The girls loved these - imagine the fun of seeing a chandelier shaped as a sea horse or an umbrella!
chandelier in the Escher Museum
chandelier in the Escher Museum
One of my favorite parts of the museum was hearing Eva tell Bryce about it upon our return to Luxembourg. I'm always amused at what they (the kids) remember about our travels. Her recount went something like this: . . . and we went to a museum about an artist. um, um, I don't remember his name but he was interested in reflection. We went to the basement before we saw the paintings to the cafe. Mommy and GG didn't eat, they just had coffee. Mommy bought 1 juice box for me and Audrey to share and it was the best juice I've ever had in my life.


se7en said...

Oh I love the Escher... brilliant!!!

likeschocolate said...

What a great idea with the notebooks!

Road Trippers said...

Hysterical recount by Eva! Amazing to see Escher's originals...

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