Tuesday, April 6

Rainy Saturday

Dinosaur Growl
My mom arrived on a Thursday. By Saturday we figured she'd be recovered enough from jet-lag for an outing. Saturday came, she was ready, but the weather was crummy! What to do on a rainy Saturday in Luxembourg? Drive to a museum in Brussels, Belgium of course!
T-Rex Skeleton
I remembered a post Catherine did about a science & nature museum in Brussels that had dinosaur skeletons. Saturday seemed like the day to check it out for ourselves. A 2 hour drive to a museum? Why not!
The museum was worth every minute of the drive. The skeletons were amazing! We all learned a bit about dinosaurs - did you know their closest living relatives are birds?? And thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We ate lunch in The Grand Place, took a peek at Manniken Pis and headed home.
Museum Steps


se7en said...

I seriously need a trip to Europe where I can pop over to an awesome museum and visit a gallery or two. you all seem to be having so much fun!!!

poppyart said...

beautiful easter posts, thanks for taking the time.... i had an escher print of the hands in my bedroom all through high school. love it! and dinosaur museum looks fab. brilliant exhibit at natural history museum if you are in london at all... be prepared to queue for a while!

Monkey's Mama said...

oh Logan would LOVE that place! We go to the Burke museum a lot!

Emily Malate said...

your photo composition is great. cool shots with the color contrast too!

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