Tuesday, August 24

Botany Castle

Chinese Lantern Tree?
You know how you go into an experience assuming it's going to be about one thing and then it turns out to be about another? Well, that's how it went on Saturday afternoon when we decided to check out a little village in France. I assumed our visit would be about seeing the village and the castle. Wrong. It was about the plants.
Lantern Leaves?
It started when we passed this cool tree with leaves that looked like Chinese lanterns. Anyone know what kind of tree that is? The girls scavenger instincts came out and lanterns were carried up to the castle grounds.
Up the path to the castle we passed a hazel nut tree. Eva found a cluster with 4 nuts!
Around the castle we ran into our next specimen; a tree with long beans hanging from it. Around this time I fished out a plastic Cheesecake Factory bag from my purse so the girls had a place for their treasures. The bean tree was absolutely beautiful. The light coming through its branches even more so.
Through the Bean Tree
Back into the village and nearing the car we saw this interesting plant. Unfortunately there was nothing to collect from this one.
We'd love some help identifying our booty. Any botanists out there?
Castle Collection
Our trip wasn't about the quaint French village. But it was about something equally wonderful and that is great by me.

Just in case you're curious -
We went to Rodemack, France. 20 minutes from Lux City. It is listed as one of the 139 most beautiful villages of France. More pictures here.


Anonymous said...

I've mistaken the first picture for being star fruits! Definitely seen the second last plant before but i have no idea what they're called..
I think I've just fallen in love with your blog! will be following you on bloglovin' =)

Ralph Lam

christie said...

The bean tree is a catalpa tree and the pod
tree I think is a goldenrain tree, which has
yellow flowers that turn to pods in the fall.
I don't know about the hot pink plant.
I used to pick hazelnuts as a kid and you
can get little fuzzy stickers in your fingers
from the casing around the nut...

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

That looks like our perfect kind of outing...lovely discoveries.

katy said...

Ralph: Glad you enjoy my blog. Thanks for following!

Mom: I knew you'd know about these plants. In fact when we found the first one I said we should ask you. Eva said, "GG knows alot about nature."

Dim Sum: You and your family would love this village. The castle ruins and surrounding garden were perfect for wandering. Lots of nooks, crannies and interesting things to see. We really did have a lovely time.

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