Wednesday, August 25

Friends in Brussels

Sunday was an extremely exciting day! We drove up to Brussels to meet up with friends who were on their way to Rwanda. You heard me right. Rwanda. And not just for a visit; to stay. For 2 years. The visit was special for so many reasons: 1) We hadn't seen each other in years.2) We'd never met their son 3) They are embarking on this incredible adventure in Africa!

It was perfect that they had a stop in Brussels. We had 2 great days with them. We didn't really *do* anything. Oh sure, we laughed at Mannekin Pis, drank lots of Belgian Beer (mostly the Trappist variety,) a few of us had mussels. The visit was not about Brussels. It was about being together. And that we did. And then we sent them off with love and good wishes.

Atomium - Brussels
This is the Atomium. It was built for the 1958 World's Fair. We didn't go in it, but did enjoy seeing it.
Belgian Frites
Free face painting in the park at the base of the Atomium. My girls will never say no to that!

You can follow the Rwanda adventure here (ahem, as soon as they have connectivity.)


Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

It looks like you loved Brussels as much as we did! And look at that gorgeous new blog heading...summer perfection!

likeschocolate said...

How wonderful! I have never been to Brussels. How were the mussels? I have also never heard or seen these kind of plums. Did they taste similar to the purple varieties we know?

katy said...

Dim Sum: Brussels has a lot of energy! It is a great city. Glad you like the new header. Visited a sunflower field here in Luxembourg. I'd never seen one before, quite beautiful!

Likeschocolate: Must confess I didn't have the mussels, not so into bivalves. The Mirabelles are tiny, about the size of olives. They have a very soft, sweet taste. The green reine claudes are more like a traditional plum, they are our favs.

HappyMom said...

Did you have the Belgan waffles? I've only been to Brussels once, but the waffles were fantastic. It looks like you had much better weather than we did while we were there. When we were standing at the Atomium, it started to snow!! I love your blog. It takes me back to living in Europe. We lived in Germany for a little over two years. I can't wait to go back someday.

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