Thursday, September 16


Our adventure in Ireland started in Dublin. I'll let the pictures give you the details.
Waiting for the key in Dublin
Waiting for our apartment key to be delivered. This was after an early morning flight, a taxi ride to our apartment only to find out we couldn't check in early, a walk to another apartment to store our luggage, a walk to find lunch and look around, a walk back to get our luggage, a walk to our apartment only to find out the key was missing. Had there been another chair in the lobby I would have joined them. The girls were amazing troopers!
Street Sign - Dublin
Reminders painted on the streets to help us poor tourists avoid getting hit while crossing the street. Dublin was my first experience with the whole driving on the opposite side of the street thing. Crossing the street was a bit tricky.
Grafton St. - Dublin
Grafton Street - Dublin
Flowers on Grafton St.
Grafton Street. A popular shopping area.
Temple Bar - Dublin
Temple Bar - Dublin
Temple Bar is the area tourists come to indulge in many a pint of the black stuff.
Watching Toy Story III in 3D!
We saw Toy Story III in 3D on a rainy Sunday. I'm always so surprised when I enjoy kid movies, but this one was great! Funny (love Ken and Big Baby) and sentimental for us mommy types.
Guinness Storehouse
Guinness Storehouse
Guinness Storehouse
We toured the Guinness Storehouse. The building is so cool. It is shaped like a pint glass. We tasted the roasted barley used to make Guinness and enjoyed a pint in the Gravity Bar with a view of Dublin (that would have been marvelous had it not been foggy. Boo Hoo.)
Rugby Fans off to a Match
Irish rugby fans off to see a match.

After Dublin we drove (ahem, Bryce drove) directly across Ireland to County Clare. Which we called Clare County until the nice taxi driver gently corrected us. Check back tomorrow!


se7en said...

Oh the fun!!! Love all the photo's!!! Wonderful...

Millie said...

Lovely to hear all about it...
Millie in Ireland.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Looks like a fun trip (minus the bumpy start)...taking notes since we hope to make it there one day. Did I ever mention the Little Traveler's DVD to you? We love all of them, but their British Isles one is especially fun and if your girls haven't seen it already I am sure they would like it. Here's the link:

katy said...

Se7en: Thank you!

Millie: You live in a beautiful country with some of the friendliest people around. I'd love to know what your favorite places in Ireland are.

Dim Sum: No, we haven't heard of Little Travelers. I will have a look. Your family will love Ireland. It is for people who love the outdoors.

Ralph Lam said...

It's always funny when you get the name of a place you're visiting wrong. You're lucky that you were corrected gently, I've been humiliated for that reason!

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