Friday, September 24


Exciting news here in our house! Eva has her first wobbly tooth! She has been waiting so patiently and it has finally happened. She complained that her tooth hurt and when I checked I confirmed that it was indeed wobbly! With the pure joy of a child she jumped up and said I'm growing up! Yes, I suppose she is.Now I've got to fast track my plans to make a tooth pillow. I mean I don't have to. I want to. My mom made one for me. I've done a bit of searching this evening to gather inspiration for Eva's pillow. I love the hand stitched pillow above from Stitchado. Don't you? It has a little pocket sewn onto the back for the tooth.

This one is great too. The mouth is the pocket. Clever!

And this darling Matyroshka Doll with a pocket for a tooth. Cute.

I've seen a few that hang from the door. Like that idea too.

Here's a tooth fairy doll with a pocket for teeth.

Martha Stewart has a very simple version as well.

What tooth fairy rituals do you have in your house?

Have a great weekend! I'll finish up my Ireland posts next week. Dingle or bust!

p.s. There was a huge thunder and lightening storm here last night. Eva and I watched a bit of it. Here are a few pictures of the action (not taken by me.)


Emily Malate said...

I like the fairy doll :) I don't think mom made me a pillow...alas to be the second child!
Tell Evie I'm proud of her and would like to skype so I can see her tooth wiggle!

Tara said...

Yay Eva!
I can't wait to see the new smile! Hugs all around.
XO - cousin Tara

ksjjpalmer said...

Cute! All of them. My advice is that you had better get cracking on it! In our experience it is not very long in between the first wobbly tooth and the first lost tooth. Unfortunately, Jacob lost his at school and didn't even notice so we had to take a picture of him and write a note to the tooth fairy. She brought him two gold dollar coins. Jacob lost his second tooth and Grandma and Grandpa's house. He found that the tooth fairy paid better in Oregon- maybe not as many kids in their area, he thought. Congratulations on your big girl. It is truly a momentous occasion. Just think of when that tooth arrived. Bittersweet for the mommy and daddy.

Unknown said...

We have a little silky pouch that the tooth goes in. A note to the T.F. often accompanies it and T.F. replaces it with a reply and a foreign coin (I have a lot of coins left over from visiting Europe back before the Euro).

Emily said...

this hits close to home as my first born just lost his very first tooth this past week. i am not so crafty at the moment so we just have a little silk pillow from Sarah's Silks. When he woke up in the morning his tooth was gone, the pillow was sprinkled with "fairy dust" (fine glitter), and there was a $1 coin along with a letter from the tooth fairy in the pocket of the pillow. just a silly little letter about her trip to our house, and some of her friends, but he seemed to like it!

anyway, LOVE that first pillow you posted a picture of! will be interested to see what you come up with! have fun!

Patricia said...

We were soooo impatient at home too!!! I made the one from mmmcrafts and it was sitting there for months... when it finally happened we were on vacation so we had none! The tooth went into a paper envelope with a letter to "El Raton Perez" (the guy who picks up teeth down here!)

suddenly sahm said...

love the pillow. Because of a mad last minute scramble with our first looth tooth, it is a happenstance tradition to give foreign coins for teeth. It seems exotic to them. :)

Tapsalteerie said...

I had the cutest little tooth fairy pillow when I was growing up... tried it with my daughter... she was like "meh...whatever"...

My son is a light sleeper so he has to mail the tooth to the tooth fairy... she leaves an envelope by his bed... it works out great :)

katy said...

Emily - of course mom made you one!! We'll have to see if she remembers.

Tara - Hugs to you too.

spalmer - Do you think Jacob swallowed his tooth without knowing it? Eva is determined not to let that happen. Still wiggly as we speak. Yes, I must get on the pillow. Yes, I must. Let's see if I do . . .

Ms. Maria - Great tradition! How lucky to have coins from before the euro!

Emily - congrats!! Fairy dust, that is brave of you! Eva would love that. Alas, she has the misfortune of having a mother who despises glitter.

Patricia - You know what they say about the best laid plans!!

SSAHM - Foreign coins too. Have the boys realized they can't spend 'em?

Tapsalterie - Its true you never can predict what a child will be into. Love the idea of the letters. Cool that your kids have different traditions.

Mariana said...

So Growned up! In portugal we usually tell our kids to put the tooth under their pillow and after they are spleeping we take the tooth and leave some money for them, so they can buy some candy!

debra lynn said...

Here is one I made for my daughter. She puts her tooth in the basket and the tooth fairy leaves the money in return back in the basket.

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