Friday, October 1

Ireland Wrap -up

Sign in Doolin
Here are the last few bits and pieces from our Ireland trip.
Fushia Bushes
Driving to Dingle
Roadsides lined with fuchsia bushes and montbretia.
Bee hive huts
Bee hive huts
Ancient bee hive huts.
Bicycle - Gallway
Gallway, a college town.
View from The Ring of Kerry
Irish Sheep
Skellig - Ireland
Lady's View
Ring of Kerry. Green beauty.

When I think of Ireland I'll think of: green pastures, friendly people, pristine landscapes, rocks, brown bread, wild flowers, ocean, rain, sun, beach, butter, Guinness, and beauty. Add Ireland to your list.


suddenly sahm said...

words cannot capture my envy

christie said...

loved the sign. mom

likeschocolate said...

I have been two times and still would love to go back again. Thanks for sharing your journey.

Marlo said...

Love the sign as well. Your pictures are beautiful! I wanted to sit down with the sheep for a spell. Thanks for "taking" us there.

katy said...

SSAHM - I'm sure you'll make it there someday!

Mom - yes, there were lots of be careful signs in Ireland. Many involved cliffs or watching out for falling rocks.

Likeschocolate - I know what you mean! Always dreaming, always wanting to see more! I already have a new list of what I'd like to see in Ireland.

Marlo - Thank you very much! I'm so glad you enjoyed the Ireland posts.

Be Brave, Keep Going said...

Seeing your photos took me back ten years when I went to Ireland as a post college student. We went to Gallway on a weekend gorgeous, just breathtaking.

you'll have to add the cliffs of moher to your list, not sure how it would be with kids as there are no gaurdrails, but it is truly a sight to behold....

thank you for sharing your journey!

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