Monday, November 29

St. Nicholas Day

It's coming up, ya know, on December 6th. Here is a fun little craft to help put St. Nicholas on the map (for those of us who have been staunch Santa supporters.) St. Nicholas is his own guy, after all. Not Santa Claus. He rides in on a donkey, not a sleigh. And, as you already know, his helpers are not cute little elves; quite the contrary. He doesn't work on December 25th. He's not fat and jolly. Different guy. Here's the craft.

Align CenterSt. Nicholas Spoon Guy

Red Felt
Wooden Spoons
Cotton Balls
Googly Eyes
Gold Glitter Pen
Gold (or yellow) Pipe Cleaner
Fabric Glue, Glue Gun or any non washable White Glue
Black pen

1) Create a template for the robe (it's not a gown or a dress, folks) and hat. I would have provided you with a pdf with the shapes had I known how to. Apologies.
St. Nicholas Craft
2) Trace and cut 2 robes and 2 hats from the red felt
St. Nicholas Craft
St. Nicholas Craft
3) Glue the robes onto the stick of the spoon. One on the front, the other on the back. Only glue 2/3 rds of the way down the stick.
4) Glue on cotton ball as beard.
St. Nicholas Craft
5) Glue on hat - one on the front, one on the back.
6) Glue on eyes. Draw nose and mouth.
St. Nicholas Craft
7) Cut a 5-6 inch piece of pipe cleaner. Bend the top into a cane or circle shape. Glue onto the robe.
8) With glitter glue, draw a cross on the front of the hat.
St. Nicholas Craft
St. Nicholas Craft
9) Let dry over night.
St. Nicholas Spoon
10) Your St. Nicholas Spoon can be poked into a plant or cake with the unglued portion of the spoon stick. With a needle and piece of embroidery floss you can make him into a tree ornament. Just thread your floss through the top of the hat.

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Here are a few Christmas crafts from previous years.

I posted this over at Skip to my Lou for Made by you Monday.


se7en said...

These are delightful!!! Totally love them!!!

likeschocolate said...

Thanks so much for the great craft idea. I am going to rush out tomorrow and by the supplies.

Irini said...

Oh my gosh! Those are so cute!

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