Thursday, November 18

Trier (of course)

Trier Cathedral
A trip to visit us here in Luxembourg would not be complete without a trip over the German border to Trier. We took Lena & Sierra on our usual tour of the city but added a stop at the Roman Baths this time! Lena made a check list of things to find for the girls before our trip. The were really into it.
Roman Baths
Me and my girls
Wild Snap Dragon
Roman Baths - Trier
The Roman Baths were pretty cool. There were many underground passage ways we got to walk through. It was like a maze. The Roman Baths stopped being so cool when youngest daughter had an accident of the #2 variety. Now when I look at the pictures of the Baths, I picture myself crouched over in the cold drizzle trying to clean up a most unpleasant mess with a few tissues from my purse and a sandwich bag. Ugh.
Trier Palace
Trier Palace
The palace garden was still beautiful even without the flowers of summer.
Autumn in Trier
Trier Cathedral
I heard on the radio this morning that Trier has the worst traffic of any city in Germany. The road that is the worst is the one that connects Luxembourg and Trier. We certainly experienced that! Next time we'll take the train.

That was Day 4 (well, technically 5 as we took day 4 to rest and hang out.) Paris is next!


Emily Malate said...

Wish we would've visited the baths instead of the coliseum!! They look cool! loved that town :)
PS - re: email - my car is fine, just a mark. they haven't tracked down the guy yet.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Another gorgeous post! Sorry about the accident (as a fellow mama it made me both groan and giggle). Love that grinning statue and those beautiful fall leaves.

Potters said...

Looks very fun, minus the potty accident issues. :) Would love to come visit and see these cool places, if only the kids were a wee bit older!

Lena said...

That was quite an adventure, wasn't it! Hopefully the #2 memory will fade with time. But what a story it is to have for Audrey: "Remember that time we went to the Roman Bath ruins..."

se7en said...

ANd the beautiful posts just keep on coming!!! I am so enjoying your fun and adventures!!!

Dana said...

It's been fun traveling with you :) I'm looking forward to Paris.

Wocket said...

what a beautiful blog!

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