Thursday, January 6

3 Parts Relaxation

Iberostar Resort
Our trip to Agadir can be divided like this: 3 parts rest and relaxation and 1 part culture. We chose Agadir seeking sun, beach and to touch the African continent.

We stayed at the Iberostar, one of those all inclusive resorts; our first foray into this type of holiday. There were 3 swimming pools, a private beach, unlimited cocktails (and mocktails!) and ice cream every night. Other than being branded with a plastic purple bracelet, we found all inclusive a pretty easy way to vacation with the kiddos.

Relaxation. Sun. Family Time.

Our View
Pool Fun
Vacation Cuddle
Cocktails and Mocktails every evening!
Evening Cocktails
Have you ever stayed at an all inclusive resort? What did you think of it?


mmegoudarzi said...

like the idea (with kids in consideration) except the unlimited cocktails.
maybe i am just sensitive to local tradition...i doubt anyone else would mind!
seems you may be a bit separated from
the locals though/ glimpse of life.
what do you think, since you are there?! More of a "vacation" than

Lena said...

Accidentally got upgraded to full inclusive at Amber's wedding last spring in Puerta Vallarta when the hotel messed up on our rooms. I wish Erik and the girls, or maybe just Erik :) was there with me. It was AMAZING to not have to worry about the money each time, what I ordered, drinks, etc., and that is just the food and drink benefit part of it! I think it would be a wonderful vacation to do with kids...though I don't see us ever affording it. Would agree that it is much different than true traveling or sightseeing, so it really just depends on your motive for your trip... certainly perfect for a sunny, relaxing get-away!

ksjjpalmer said...

I stayed at an all-inclusive once in Ixtapa, Mexico. I who am a through and through traveler- loved it as a vacation-although I did take a class and get some credits while there. We are trying to figure out what to do with our upcoming February vacation and I am toying with the suggestion. I think a family vacation would be nice.

katy said...

Mmegoudarzi - This was definitely a vacation not an opportunity to travel. We were all exhausted from the holidays and work (Bryce) so we were in search of some R and R. Agadir is a resort town where Europeans go to vacation. My guess is that most never leave their resort. It is far removed from Moroccan culture. Agadir was completely destroyed in an earthquake in the early 60s. It was rebuilt as a resort town. There is only one site to see, a kasbah located on top of a hill. It was the only thing to survive the quake. My point in telling you this is that it is a new town, created for tourism. It has little to do with Moroccan culture. Although Bryce and I would love the crazy, stimulating hustle of Marrakesh (or somewhere similar) that was not what we were looking for. Wouldn't be that enjoyable with little ones either. However, we did rent a car and take a day trip to a town called - Taroudannt. It was described as "little Marrakesh." Hopefully I'll get that post up soon.

Lena - oh yeah, I remember you mentioning that! I would be curious how an all inclusive really lines up with the expense of a hotel + food or a self-catering + food. I think for a family it may be a pretty good deal. I doubt Bryce and I would stay in such a place without the kids. The other guests there were generally families or retirees.

Susan - The kids would love it! Let me know what you decide. Mexico sounds great.

katy said...

mmegoudarzi - here is a link about Agadir that I meant to include. I think it does an honest job of explaining the city.

likeschocolate said...

Looks amazing. I have never stayed at an all inclusive but if the food is great then I guess you couldn't complain. We have gone on cruises and loved them.

mmegoudarzi said...

Thanks Katy for the explanation...
it makes sense!
sounds pretty relaxing and worry-free. i think i have forgotten how to do that somewhere along the way!
i do have to say you are the traveling family extraordinaire, traveling to get away from traveling (sounds wonderful : )

Unknown said...

We stayed at an all-inculsive in Mexico to celebrate a friends 50 birthday. This was before our kiddo. I think they are lovely with a group or for a family. We actually still got out a bit and explored on our own but I could see how it would be so easy to just stay inside the resort. The whole idea is just so easy. PS - we love VRBO as another option for accomadations with kids. Sure wish you could've come down farther on the continent - can't vouch for the beach here :) but a definite yes to cocktails every night. xo S

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