Thursday, March 17

These are not Leprechauns

Goblin Cookie
They are goblins. That's right, goblins. From the Rainbow Magic book series, of course. I thought we were knee-deep in Rainbow Magic months ago but now were entrenched, totally entrenched! Now, allowance money is spent on more books, books are swapped among friends (I love this!) and personalized shirts make the "it" outfit.
Goblin Cookies
For those of you unfamiliar with the Rainbow Magic books (lucky you) goblins are the villains in the stories. They steal things from the fairies and wreak general havoc in Fairyland. Bad guys I tell ya.
Goblin Cookies
The idea for the goblin cookies was found in the 2011 Rainbow Magic Annual* (which was a 7th birthday gift from a friend.) Since receiving the Annual Eva has been desperate to make these cookies. Due to my dislike of making roll-out cookies I kept making excuses and putting it off. Eva thought a play date would be just the time to finally give them a go. After seeing Lisa's post about easy sugar cookies I agreed.
Goblin foot
The girls had a wonderful time. It really was fun. And quite easy too. I cut the sugar cookie recipe in half. I rolled the dough out in between wax paper the night before and left it in the fridge. The girls cut out the cookies and decorated them the next day.
Goblin Cookies
The squeeze bottles worked really well for the purple icing (just milk and powdered sugar.) In addition to goblins (aka small gingerbread men) the girls also made goblin feet and ghosts. I think all 3 girls enjoyed the activity and I *know* they loved eating it!
goblin cookie
* An annual is a book with puzzles, little stories & poems, and craft ideas. I think they are popular in the UK.
Goblin Cookies
Happy St. Patrick's Day, btw!


se7en said...

Oh busy hands hard at work!!! Love it!!!

likeschocolate said...

Never heard of this series, but maybe now with a girl on the way it will be in our future. Happy St. Patty's to you too!

Maria said...

We are immersed in the Rainbow Magic books here too (blech!). I am just looking forward to this phase being over!

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness Katy, those are adorable. We are "in between" the series at the moment. Madison is past them now and Nora likes looking through them but I can't handle reading them too often. One of those that I say they get to wait until they are reading independently to fully enjoy:-) But the "annual" sounds like something Nora would love!

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