Thursday, April 21


Easter Nest Cookies
The girls and I took advantage of the bit of down time we had today to make some cookies for Easter. I whipped up some thumbprint dough (Audrey still calls them fingerprints. I love that.)and we made little bird nest cookies. The girls were really into it. I'm quite certain it had something, everything, to do with the jelly beans. Both girls declared jelly beans their favorite Easter candy. Thank you mom for sending us some!
Jelly beans
Jelly bean
To make the cookies you need to make Thumbprint cookie dough. Here's a recipe for ya. Bake the cookies as directed. When they've cooled spoon a bit of icing (powdered sugar and milk) in the indentation and place 3 jelly beans on the icing. Let the icing harden before storing.
Making Cookies
Easter Nest Cookies
If I would have had some shredded wheat cereal, I would have iced the whole top of the cookie, sprinkled some broken up shredded wheat around the indentation before adding the 3 jelly beans. You could also do this with slivered or sliced almonds. This would make the cookies even more nest-like.
Nest Cookies
Easter Nest Cookies
See that cookie with 3 black jelly beans on it? The girls made me 2 of these because I like black licorice. Such a sweet thought . . . not so sure it will be such a sweet cookie.


likeschocolate said...

Your mom didn't send you just any jelly beans, but the best. Hope you have a very Happy Easter. You can have my black jelly beans they are my least favorite. I love apple and tangerine.

Potters said...

Love this idea. Always such good ideas from you. Too many Easter treats this year, but I'm filing this away for next year.

Emily Malate said...

so festive and cheerful! Thanks for your msg BTW. Heading to bed now. Let's talk when things are less busy for you xo

Juleskis said...

what about using coconut to make the nest? and mini chocolate eggs...yum. :)

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