Tuesday, April 5

A Walk in Bruges

Walking is my very favorite thing to do in any new city (or known city!) We walked from Markt to the northeast end of town in search of a big grassy area boasting 4 windmills and great hills for rolling down. The girls usually need a bit of coaxing through a long walk. I'm always so pleased when they find a way to make the walk enjoyable for themselves. Eva entertained herself by making a daisy chain, the longest one ever. She just needed a bit of help splitting the stems which she found from my cousin's long nails (longer than mommy's, anyway.) The youngest prefers to entertain herself atop of her Daddy's shoulders. Smart kid.
Bruges Benches
making a daisy chain
Longest Daisy Chain Ever
Cousins once removed


Emily Malate said...

that is a gorgeous picture of Evie and Tara - WOW. You captured a beautiful moment.
PS - I like Evie's new haircut - it's got a bit of a rockabilly flair :)

Jenni C's said...

i popped over after seeing a link on se7en and i am so glad i did...lovely photo's...will see you soon again..

Road Trippers said...

Would you believe I don't know how to make a Daisy Chain???

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