Wednesday, June 8

From the Gondola

From the Gondola
There was no way we were leaving Venice without a gondola ride. The girls were set on it! Of the 500 gondolas reportedly in Venice I think they commented on *every* one - LOOK there is a gondola! LOOK there is a gondolier! So my mom and I coughed up the ridiculous price for a 30 minute ride and took the girls one evening. It was incredibly special. After throwing his hat to my mom, our gondolier took us down some quiet, peaceful canals where we felt like the only people in Venice. We enjoyed the silence and took in the experience (once I put the camera down.) Our evening on a gondola in Venice will be stored away in our memory vaults forever.

Gondola Ride!!
Gondola Ride
One of the ways the girls learned about gondolas and gondoliers was from this book, Gabriella's Song. I found out about it on Lucia's blog. It is a charming story that takes place in Venice.


likeschocolate said...

After being in Venice three times, I still haven't gone on a ride. I can't get my husband to cough up the dough.

Dana said...

I haven't done it either. Ha. My husband doesn't want to "be on display." Silly man. No one is looking at you!
We have ridden gondolas to cross the Grand Canal, though. A fraction of the time for a fractino of the cost = not the same!
Good to hear that you enjoyed Venice. I remember my first time there. . .magical.

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