Tuesday, June 28

London Calling

I know, I know I can't believe it either. So much travel. Yes, I feel like a spoiled brat. But, in the spirit of trying to see as much as we can before we move, we took a long weekend trip to London. And all I can say about London is that I'm totally starstruck. I loved it. Almost as much as I love the English. But that is for another post.

Here is what we saw in London:

:: One of many cool bridges. Yeah, I said cool.
Changing of the Guards
:: Guards. Lots of guards.
:: A huge Gherkin. That's pickle to us Americans.
Tower of London
:: A Tower that wasn't really a tower
Buckingham Palace
:: A palace and more tourists than I've ever seen in one place in my life
London Eye
:: An Eye and the view from it
Tower Raven
:: Ravens
Big Ben, Parliment
:: Big Ben, Parliament. Never tired of saying, "Look kids there's Big Ben!"
:: Phone booths. The set-up for this photo was Eva's idea.
Trafalgar Lion
:: 4 Friendly lions

Have you been to London? Tell me what you thought.


The Expatresse said...

The first time I went to London (1982?), The Spouse said, "Oh, look! There's Big Ben . . . there's Parliament!" and I had NO idea what he was talking about. He was shocked. On the way home from the airport, we stopped at the video rental store.

My education is now complete.

Mad about Craft said...

I love London but I wouldn't like to live there!

I love the Eye.

Potters said...

I loved London too, and was surprised by that. We were only there for 3 days and all it did was make me sad we hadn't allowed for more time, and promise we'd come back to spend more time. Loved it. No, your not a spoiled brat, your spoaking up all those European cities before you head on back to reality. Enjoy!

se7en said...

Oh you are just the luckiest!!! We loved London and did all the things you did... but not in a weekend, you are clearly seasoned travelers!!! I loved all the parks... and my kids loved the museums!!!

Road Trippers said...

I'm shocked this was your first trip! All those trips to Paris, and you nearly missed LONDON? I fully agree with you: I love London and I love Brits. Wholeheartedly. I loved living in England and I would move there again in an instant. (Go again if you can squeeze it in and do some London Walks.)

likeschocolate said...

Soak it all in! So happy for you and your family.

Annabel, Mikko, Marcelle and Eric said...

Congrats on knocking one more city off your list!!!! Very jealous, but will definitely find a way to squeeze London in before we leave at the end of the year! Prague was absolutely superb and I fully understand why it is one of Europe 10 best cities to visit! I would go back in a heartbeat! Taking it easy for July as we enjoy the best time to be in the North ;) what with the long days and the sun...Haven't seen the stars in well over a month!!!

Anonymous said...

Katy, your photos are brilliant!!! I just love them and am so so pleased you managed to get to my home city with your family before returning to the US. If we ever move back there, you'll have to come visit us! And
Road Trippers is spot on with the suggestion of London Walks...
Re. the Trader Joe's post, keep the comments coming, folks, as I'm the one who's heading off to California with my family in August. Can't wait! Christina (under Anonymous as having problems publishing a comment otherwise)

christie said...

Great pictures! Thanks. gg

ksjjpalmer said...

Your pics brought wonderful memories! Thank you! Did you go to any shows?

Anonymous said...

So now that you are heading back home are you planning for another expat adventure, and if so,
where would you go next time?
I love your photos!
When back in the States any thoughts on how you will exercise your kids' language skills? Private tutors, or do you think it is necessary? Just curious as my friend will returning from Lebanon
and is trying to juggle her daughter's languages of French and Arabic and English...
Thanks much,
Safa from Washington

American in Bath said...

I think you should move to Bath so you'll be just an hour and half train ride to London at all times. I really love sitting on the walls and watching the city go by.

katy said...

Expatresse - HA!

Se7en - we had more than a weekend - Wednesday to Sunday. Thanks for the link. I'll excited to compare notes.

Road Trippers - Actually this was my 2nd trip to London. I went on a girls weekend in January. Had a lovely time, saw a few things but mostly the bottom of my wine glass. England is first on my list for another expat stint. . . if it ever happens :)

Marcelle - Glad you loved Prague. It is a massive city, isn't it. Definitely one of the Romes, Paris, Londons of the the world. Where are you landing at the end of the year?

Christina - aw, shucks thanks! You know I'd be a card carrying Brit if given the chance :) As you know I already have the language mastered. Ha.

Safa - Not sure about language lessons. Don't want to over schedule the kids. We'll see how things go when we get home. If we could wing another expat assignment, England would be first on my list. The Netherlands second. Germany third. But really I'd move anywhere in Europe.

American in Bath - I'd love to move to Bath. Is it great?

Shontelle said...

I am really going to miss living vicariously when you move back to the States!

Unfortunately, when I was in London for a week in 2005 it was bombed. So my experience was a bit strange. I can't wait to go back with my kids in tow though. I only hope that The Lion King is still on stage.

Great photos. Your girls are so cute sitting next to lions and popping out of phone boxes!

Annabel, Mikko, Marcelle and Eric said...

Hi Katy!

We still don't know what the rest of the year has in store for us, right now we're just weighing our options and sorting out our feelings about either moving back and staying on as "locals" as oppose to on contract...Hence the reason, I will be following your return with interest! As we deal with our myriad of options, I try to focus on enjoying one last summer here (maybe) and making the most of it without worrying about the future (at least I try to!!!)...kids are off from school, so we aim to discover all of Stockholm's beaches over the course of the next few weeks, while deciding which other city we will be knocking off our "to see" list ;)

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