Monday, June 13

Through her Eyes

Photographing Venice
I handed down my Sony Cyber shot to Eva a few months ago. She loves taking pictures. Her favorite subject so far seems to be Audrey . . . being silly. She brought her camera along to Venice. I love to look through her pictures to see what exactly caught her eye. It is always interesting. Have a look~

At a rest stop in Alsace, France on the drive to Venice.
Waiting for our water taxi and being silly
Self portrait in the water taxi
Looking out of the water taxi
Campo Santa Margherita
Water fountain with mermaid design
The girls room in the apartment
Some of her reading material
reflection in a store window
New mask from Grandma
Gondola Bling
Our gondolier
Passing by the only remaining gondola workshop in Venice
View from the gondola


likeschocolate said...

She takes pretty good shots. My boys usually take pictures of each other doing stupid stuff.

jojoebi-designs said...

it's interesting to see what the kids think is interesting, I sometimes let Ebi-kun have our point and shoot camera, usually to amusing results

Tara said...

She's got her mama's gift with the camera! Thank you for sharing her pics. We are counting down the days 'til you are closer. Let me know how I can help. XO

katy said...

likeschocolate - don't be fooled! Eva loves to take silly pictures of her sister. Found a series of about 10 of Audrey spinning around on the floor.

jojoebi - Yes, amusing results for sure!

Tara - Thanks! I'll be in touch.xo

Emily Malate said...

one of my favorite posts ever. I think you should do these more often, gives me such a special look at what miss evie is like these days. Did I mention I miss your girls so much it hurts??

christie said...

And to think that I was a part of this! Great shots,
Eva. gg

American in Bath said...

I've been trying to see more. She's reminded me to bring along the camera for those little adventures.

Annabel, Mikko, Marcelle and Eric said...

Wow! Great shots! My kids still seem to be fascinated with their feet, where they go and where they've been ;) It's rather funny!!

Well, we're off to Prague next week as I check off yet another city off my European tour...I will be browsing your blog religiously as I read up on Prague!

Glad you're getting in a few nice trips before moving...When do you move back?

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