Wednesday, July 6

Little Difference #38

Little Difference #38 - Houses

You know how we often don't see the things right in front of our eyes? That is definitely the case with this difference - houses! The houses (and buildings) here in Luxembourg are different from those in Seattle in 2 important ways - building material and paint color.

Houses here are built from cement blocks - cinder blocks. In Seattle houses are mainly constructed from wood. Brick is also not uncommon. And, yes, a few are made from cinder blocks.

More interesting than the building material, though is the paint colors. The majority of houses and building here are painted pink, yellow,orange or white. Yes, you'll see the odd light blue or light green house. But colors of the sunset is the norm. Pinks range from pale, barely there pink to Pepto Bismol. The same gradation applies to yellow and orange. Take a look:

You may have noticed from the pictures that attached and semi-attached houses are very common here. Not the case in Seattle. Most houses are stand-alone.

Please tell me about houses in your area. I'm dying to know!

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Portland Sunshine said...

great post! took me back to lux! our house (in Bertrange) was cinder blocks covered in prickly textured stucco.

now we are in portland...wood house...

jojoebi-designs said...

most houses in Japan are made of wood, ours is steel with earthquake shock absorbers built in! All houses are detached unless it is split in two and shared by one family, usually one family on each floor.
Modern houses are covered with a ceramic tile and can be any colour that the tile makers manufacture! Our house is white with a big blue stripe down the front.

American in Bath said...

I do wish the English went in for more bright colors.

Dana said...

Haven bought a shell of a house here and then supervised its completion, I can attest to the fact that almost everything about it seems different. The only wood used in our home is for the doors and window frames, oh, and the floor molding in some areas. We do have wooden floors in the zona notte "night zone." The cinderblocks are on the outside, but red-colored, hollowish bricks are then used inside to create walls and to cover the cinderblock walls. . . it's amazing. Eletricity and plumbing is then run through those red bricks and under the floors.

My house is plain white with red shutters and doors, but this is very much the norm, too . . .

I'll miss these posts, too :)

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