Friday, December 16

More edible gifts

Chocolate Lolli-pops
The girls, especially my 7 year old, have gotten into giving gifts this year. It is great to see. Eva wanted to make something for her friends and teachers, naturally Audrey did too. I suggested these chocolate lollipops I'd seen on an Ina Garten cooking show. Both girls thought it would be a fun project and a great gift to give.
chocolate lollipops
For my part in the project, collecting the supplies and getting them organized was easy. I love that. Here's how we did it.
Making chocolate lolli-pops
1-2 lbs of chocolate (depending on how many you want to make. We had 1.5 lbs all together and it made 23 medium-large size lollipops.)

Lollipop sticks - found at any well stocked craft store (I bought ours at Joann's)

Plastic bags to put over the lollipops (again at Joann's)
sugars from Paris
Assorted candies, nuts, dried fruit to decorate the lollipops

Bakers twine or ribbon (to tie the bag to the lollipop stick)

Wax paper


Put candies, nuts etc in little bowls, place sticks near by work space. Rip off a longish sheet of wax paper, about 24 inches.

Melt chocolate in the microwave or over a double boiler. If you use the microwave (I did!) be very careful not to burn your chocolate. I put it in for 1 minute, stirred and then put it in for 45 second more and it was perfect.

Chop your chocolate into smallish pieces and melt.

Using a tablespoon, pour chocolate onto wax paper. I originally drew circles onto the wax paper but discovered this is not necessary with only 1T* or so of chocolate. If chocolate is especially runny let it cool a bit until it becomes thicker.

Immediately after pouring the chocolate, place a lollipop stick in it. Turn the stick so it is coated on all sides.

Decorate with assorted goodies

Let harden for 2 hours or so (faster in the fridge)

Place in lollipop bags and tie with twine!

*you may be tempted to use more than 1 T of chocolate like I was and did. Stop yourself. This makes lollipops that are too big. Most of ours didn't fit into the bags I bought. 1T is a perfect size - enough to be a special treat but not obnoxious.


se7en said...

These look simply amazing!!! Just totally love them!!!

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

What delicious, fun gifts! You have given me an idea for how to get rid of all the Halloween candy that seems to be lingering around here...

Potters said...

Katy, you always have such great ideas. I just have to file them away for a couple years, and somehow remember it.

christie said...

You are truly a wonderful mother. What a
grand idea.

likeschocolate said...

What a great idea!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I think I'll set this up for my girls to make today - thanks for the idea! said...

This sounds fun and easy! I hope to do this over winter break when the days get a bit long..............!
By the way, have you ever been to for macarons in Seattle? if so, what do you think? how do they rate?
Happy holidays!

katy said...

Valerie - haven't tried a single macaron in Seattle. I take that back, I've had them at the French place at the market. Can't remember the name now. Honestly, I've been too busy making my way through all my local food favs to go searching for something "exotic." Ha!
Happy Holidays to you too!

Portland Sunshine said...

wow. i love this! per my post, i passed the idea to my sis and she did it hte same day.

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