Wednesday, April 11

Ink Blots

I've been drawn to ink blots for over a year now.  They appeal to the psychology major in me as well as to the abstract art enthusiast.  I bought a set of original Rorschach ink blots from 1948 off of ebay.  This was over a year ago.  I have yet to get them framed and up on the wall.  I thought, as well as looking great, they'd be a good conversation piece.

I'm going to frame 6 of them; the black and white cards and 2 of the colored ones.  Not sure about frame color - black or white.  White may be tricky as the cards have yellowed slightly due to age.  Sounds like a trip to IKEA is in my future.  I'll likely buy both black and white frames and return what I don't use.

I've been seeing ink blot inspired items here and there.  Here are a few I've pinned.
Source: via Katy on Pinterest


likeschocolate said...

Very cool! I am sure they will bring many interesting conversations .

Road Trippers said...

I know NOTHING about these. I see things in the blots you posted and I'm left to wonder what they say about me!

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