Tuesday, January 22

Birthday Number 9!


On Sunday we celebrated our sweet Eva's 9th birthday.  She had her friends over for a dance party.  Yes, we turned our basement into a disco for the afternoon.  The girls *loved* it!  Eva was thrilled.


This year Eva requested a Candy Land cake. The seed was planted about 1 year ago when I showed her one that I'd pinned on Pinterest.  She remembered it.  And wanted one.  She told me the themes for her party were dancing and candy.  Does that sound like a 9 year old girl or what?

So a Candy Land cake was joyfully created with plenty of creative input from Eva.  She was over the moon with the cake and that made me over the moon.  

candy land cake
candy land cake
candy land cake
candy land cake
What I used:  1 box cake mix, 1 can of frosting, green sprinkles, starburst, candy letters, conversation hearts, Mike and Ike's, Nerds, Swedish fish, mini candy canes, Dots,  M&Ms, rainbow sour candy,  blue frosting, 2 candy lane game pieces, 1 mini cup cake.
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