Monday, December 31


My oldest daughter got the book, Larry Gets Lost in Seattle, from her Grand parents as one of her Christmas gifts. In the story, Larry the dog inadvertently takes a tour of Seattle's famous landmarks while in search of his owner, Pete. One of the places Larry visits is the Fremont Troll. Eva was so interested in the troll, we decided to visit it ourselves. She did not want to get too close but instead enjoyed photographing him. While in Fremont we also visited the sculpture, Waiting for the Interurban, also visited by Larry. We visited Sonic Boom , where my sister bought the newest Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah CD and her fiancé purchased a Tshirt. Our final stop in Fremont was Burnt Sugar. Fortunately for Eva we were parked right next to the troll so she got another peek before our field trip to
Fremont ended.

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