Thursday, December 27

Valentine's Day

I've been thinking about possible Valentine's Day designs for my shirts and onesies. I'd really like to create something new, go in a different direction and actually have a few ideas (acting on them is a whole other matter, unfortunately). But for now, I'm going to make a set of the el corazon (heart), la rosa (rose) and las jaras (arrow) loteria images. I already offer the el corazon and la rosa in my shop but I'm going to take some new photos of them in hopes of capturing just how cute they really are. I keep hearing from people that my onesies are much cuter in person than on my site. It's frustrating because I feel like my pictures are actually pretty good, but I suppose they could be better. Hmmmm, maybe a solid colored background. I did that at Halloween with a big yellow piece of poster board. Thought it was pretty good. So far though, my things sell much better in person than on my Etsy shop. I plan to make a set of the "valentine" loteria images for Rising Stars one of the local shops I consign with. I also thought the Amor Tattoo onesie would be fun to show case for Valentine's Day. Wow, I seem to have a renewed energy for my little basement sweatshop endeavor. It's a Christmas miracle.

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