Sunday, December 23

A Swedish Christmas Dinner

My Grandma-in-law decided to forgo a traditional Christmas dinner in favor of all Swedish fare. Random but fun, right? She is preparing, what else but, SWEDISH MEATBALLS. Yum! Makes me think of Ikea. My husband, who is the roll maker of the family, is baking Swedish Christmas Rolls that are chock full of cardamom. Our kitchen is extremely fragrant as he bought bulk cardamom. Those little plastic bags do little to block odors, but it does smell festive. He is doing his trial run right now. I can hardly wait!

As for the rest of the meal it's a mystery. Dessert is sure to be a cardamom rich affair. But as for the sides or veggies, I haven't a clue. I can, however, say with certainty that there will be NO PICKLED FISH as requested by a few nameless family members. Whew. Pretty sure I could even eat that to be polite. Perhaps I should learn how to say Merry Christmas in Swedish.

UPDATE 12/27/07: Bryce's Swedish rolls were as delicious as they were beautiful. Love bragging about my bread-baking husband.

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