Thursday, January 3

Into the Theater

Last night I saw Into the Wild. It is a fascinating, thoughtful movie based on a book by John Krakauer and directed by Sean Penn. Bryce and I heard Krakauer speak about Into the Wild at the UW a number of years ago. He read a few book excerpts and also had a slide show of the information he'd collected in researching this true story. At the time we were more interested in Krakauer's most recent book, Into Thin Air but the story of Christopher McCandless and his journey into the wild quickly drew us in. For those of you unfamiliar with the story here is a brief synopsis. It certainly isn't the "feel good story" of the year, but it is exceptionally done and absolutely worth a trip to the theater (even at $9.25 a seat, OUCH). I was left with much to contemplate.

1 comment:

Cheryl Z said...

oh, i just loved the book. k's a good writer & chandless is fascinating. why? because i don't understand him at all. i hope i get to the movie before it disappears! cherylz

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