Wednesday, January 30

Matryoshka Madness

Okay, maybe not madness, but I'm definitely seeing a trend. I bought a yard of some fabric called From Russia with Love about 6 months ago. It has a variety of Russian nesting dolls over it on a black background. My intention was to cut out the images to put on onesies (because that is what I do ~ cut out cool fabric images and sew them onto onesies). Anyway, I had this fabric sitting around for a long, long time. During that long, long time I started to notice that Russian nesting doll were being used in a huge variety of ways on Etsy. Like these cool softies from sewsewsuckurtoe. Or this wrapping paper from enna. I kept running in to all these cool Matryoshka images with this pregnant Matryoshka being my favorite. Created by inkylivie. These creations motivated me to make the Matryoshka onesie I had always intended to. Seems like a fitting thing to put on children's clothes as they really do have many different people inside of them as we all do, I guess. So here is my contribution to Matryoshka Madness. It'll be in the shop soon. What do you think?


Woven Chains said...

I've always loved the imagery of Matryoshkas, and you have used them beautifully.

Good luck with your new line.

IMakeCuteStuff (aka Marlo M.) said...

Adorable! I love the one on the back especially...the look on the doll's face is so cute! Funny...I hadn't really thought about how much of a trend they are...but you're right, They're everywhere right now!

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