Tuesday, March 25

Product Review - Flat Head Pins

I can honestly say, I'd never given a second thought to a pin's head. Then my friend Carolyn sent in this great product tip.

On a quilters retreat two years ago, I forgot my straight pins. At first, I annoyed everyone by borrowing theirs, but then I broke down and bought
some new ones. Because I was on vacation, I spent the extra $.50 and got the kind with the flat heads and thin shanks. I was surprised that it made any difference at all. It turns out that they are MUCH easier to use than the nice ones with the ball heads and thicker shanks. Both kinds are nicely long, but the flat headed pins go into the fabric more easily and don't make the sewing machine falter when I sew right over them. They're the best!

Carolyn is not only pin literate she also has an exceptional gift for color. Look at her contemporary take on North Wind done in orange and olive.

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