Sunday, April 13


Back to reality. But refreshed and rejuvenated from the time away. Here are my personal highlights (in order) from the retreat:

obscene amount of pork consumption and all subsequent pork jokes, puns, rhymes and innuendos

walks on the beach in the SUNSHINE

the pleasant buzz of productivity and viewing all the amazing projects

the margaritas ~ no explanation needed

Happy sigh. Let the planning for next year begin.


Emily & Jeff said...

I forgot you had your retreat this weekend!fun stuff, took me awhile to figure out what the pork pic was!

Anonymous said...

Best QC retreat ever? Possibly! Virginia was awesome but I really enjoyed every minute of this one, despite the dubious start after my "spa visit" and the dubious end when I left pretty much everything behind. Thanks so much for totin' my stuff.

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