Tuesday, April 15

Embroidery lesson #1

My oldest absolutely loved this! She loved choosing the colors and delighted in each stitch. By the last color, she had completely gotten the hang of how to hold the hoop and pull the needle through the cloth. I think she caught on very quickly. We decided to turn this project into a pillow for her loveys. She's in charge of choosing a backing and doing the stuffing. Can't wait to finish it up.


Lisa said...

The sewing challenged will need a full tutorial on the entire project so we can do it here too! M has done some stuff on burlap but yours looks much better. What kind of fabric did you use (YES I am clueless on anything involving fabric and thread so I need very specific directions!)

Woven Chains said...

katy, I have another blog I think you would really like. She actually writes for Sew Mama Sew. It's about mama-ing and crafting and life in general.

I often think of you when I read this blog. http://www.writemamawrite.typepad.com/

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