Tuesday, April 29

Off the wagon

Well, sorta. Got an email from a mom who runs a local playgroup. She was hoping I'd bring in another bunch of hairbands to sell as some of the moms had been inquiring about them. This is my 4th batch of hairbands to this group. They must have one for every outfit in their wardrobe by now - ha! Needless to say I couldn't resist. 20 headbands ready for sale!


Emily & Jeff said...

I'm really missing you tonight. Our chat today has me so super excited for my trip to see you and the grrrls.
I like that 3Crow etsy person you listed too (FYI).
24 more days!!

Woven Chains said...

Katy, as long as you are working on your terms, isn't it "all good"?

Those head-bands look good enough to wear!


Anonymous said...

Ooo, I like the blue eyelet one.

Also, what woven chains said :)

Dawn said...

Does this mean I can ask you about some headbands for me? :) I've even got fabric, if you don't mind using some skull fabric... :)

katy said...

dawn, I'd love to make you some hairbands. You can send me your skully fabric or I can use some of my own. I'll email you a picture if you're interested. Your new 'do' is hairband perfect.

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