Wednesday, April 30


Here's a quick review of the kid projects we've tried so far. The first 2 are from The Crafty Crow.

1) Microwave Puffy Paints - Both girls (ages 4 years & 21 months) LOVED this. It required self-rising flour, though which is a product that I don't use. So, boo for the added expense.

2) Paper Doll Chains - Huge hit with my 4 year old. I will definitely do this project again. I used computer weight paper and think it would be better on card stock.

3) Grocery List - Found this on Angry Chicken's blog. Anything involving scissors is a hit with my 4 year old and this project was no exception. She was even thoughtful enough to include some wine bottles ~ "beer for Daddy." The downside, an ugly temper tantrum resulted when she realized we couldn't buy exactly what was on her list. Chocolate bars.

Next up, homemade chia pets. Directions from Franny Kate.


Lisa said...

Nice that she picked out the expensive stuff for daddy (5.99)!!! Cute projects, I eyed the puffy paint one too but didn't have the self-rising flour either.

Emily & Jeff said...

23 more days.

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