Thursday, May 15

Gadget Printing - Tutorial

Empty out those junk drawers and grab the paint it's time for GADGET PRINTING!

5 years old +
(Younger kids can do this project, but it becomes much more about stirring the paint with the gadgets. Printing also works better with a moderate amount of paint on the gadget, this is hard for the younger ones.)

Paint - I used washable poster paint
Paint Brushes

* screws, forks, combs, cotton balls, legoes, blocks, caps, paper clips, coins, lids, straws - just to name a few. Good places to look for gadgets are in your junk drawer, tool box, kitchen and at the very bottom of your child's toy box.

Squirt paint onto a lid. Small gadgets can be dipped directly into the paint before stamping. It is easier to paint the larger gadgets and then stamp. Any ol' paper can be used - construction, butcher, computer, scrap, or notebook.

- Use white paint on black paper
- Older children can stamp patterns with their gadgets
- Try neon paint and black paper
- Stamp on newspaper - a great look!
- Use fruits and vegetables as stamps
- Use things from nature as stamps - rocks, leaves, sticks, petals
- Layer the printing. Let your design dry and then print again over the top
- Give glitter paint a try

All Finished- Now What?
- Use it as a journal cover
- Affix your favorite photo on it and use it as a mat - then frame
- Cut out shapes or pieces from the gadget print and make a collage ala Eric Carle
- Stamp on butcher paper and then use finished piece as wrapping paper
- Cut 'em up into gift tags or cards


Woven Chains said...

This is another great tutorial. Keep 'em coming, please? I also noticed Skippy Jon Jones in your "book list." Holy Guacamole Dude! those are great books. We have all four, and can't wait for more!!!

Leah said...

Oh great one! I love it. You certainly have been busy. I thought I'd added your blog to my feed, but when nothing was coming up, I presumed you just weren't posting. Duh. Glad to have found you again. What great projects!

Incidentally, I printed some blue butcher paper with a heart stamp I linocut when Sophie was -1 yr (over seven years ago). The other day I found some of that paper. What great memories.

Anandi said...

how fun!! what cute patterns you came up with!

Dawn said...

This sounds like a project that I'd enjoy doing, despite not being a kid... well, technically. :) I've got plenty of solid colored cardstock that could be really cute all stamped up! :)

Anonymous said...

i love the ideas about what to do when you're done. i eventually end up throwing this stuff away b/c i don't have anywhere to store it after it comes off the walls. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

just read this and was thinking this would be great with red and green paint on butcher paper specifically for christmas paper... i'm trying to work on christmas stuff all year this year... :D

Precious 3 said...

Just stumbled upon your blog when doing a Google image search for Santa. Love the craft ideas you have here! I do not have a knack for kid projects, and you've given me some great ideas of stuff we can do.

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