Monday, May 12

Go Greek - Product Review

Lately I just can't get enough Greek yogurt. Have you tried this stuff? My God it's good. Every morning I've been eating granola, frozen blueberries and a large dollop of this creamy goodness. I've tried 3 brands now. Here is my opinion of each:

Oikos - Organic Greek Yogurt 0% fat: Very Creamy. A bit too reminiscent of sour cream both in appearance, texture and smell. Made by Stonyfield Farm

The Greek Gods Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt: Seemed like regular ol' plain yogurt to me. Pretty gelatinous, not dense and creamy. Opaque appearance. Skip it.

Fage Total 0%: Forget ambrosia, this stuff if truly the food of the Gods! It is unbelievably creamy for a nonfat yogurt. I can't imagine what the full fat version is like. The texture is unlike any 'regular' yogurt. It is almost like a whipped butter - only not. It stays in a scoop. It isn't viscous at all. Fage is the only one of the three yogurts that is labeled strained yogurt. This may explain the difference in texture. It has a distinct and strong yogurt taste. It is a bit pricer, but it is worth every penny! YOU MUST TRY IT!

If you're already a Greek yogurt lover, I'd be interested in how you like to eat it. Honestly, by the spoonful seems to work for me, but I don't want to miss anything.


Anonymous said...

That package in the back looks like the one my boyfriend usually picks up. I eat it with granola and either cubes of apple or slices of strawberry. It really is delicious.

Laurel said...

Last summer I made frozen yogurt out of the Fage a couple of times -- it was sooo good.

Anandi said...

OMG katy, try the Fage 2%. I love the 0% but the 2% is too amazing to be described by words.

I think the full fat one might cause me to pass out - I've never been brave enough to try it because the 2% is so awesome.

Also, I'm not sure where you're buying these but Trader Joes carries the Fage and it's not super expensive. They also have their own brand of Greek yogurt that I haven't tried.

jenny allsorts said...

I am crazy about the Fage yogurt! I get the 0% and add a bit of vanilla extract and Splenda and stir it up. Yum! Makes a great afternoon snack. If I have fresh berries on hand, I toss those in, too.

Just discovered your blog, I'm a fan!

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