Tuesday, May 13

Kid Projects

Found great direction for this chia head on Frannykate. My daughter diligently checked her "grass head" daily and loved to squirt him with the spray bottle (and everything else around her for that matter.)

I'm not sure what spurred my memory of making butter out of cream ~ a dream, a blog, a tv show, a book? Regardless it appeared in my head one day . . . this project is nice because it requires so little planning or supplies, just whipping cream and a jar. The mystery element of this experiment is thrilling to a 4 year old - what would happen? As we (I) shook the jar she made her predictions. Naturally, her first guess was that it would turn into candy. Wouldn't that be nice. Then she moved on to thinking it may change colors, turn into a ball, turn into water or even a table cloth.

The highlight of the project was the spreading! Even my nearly 2 year old partook in this. I divided up the butter and let them have at it. Smooth, creamy, buttery goodness. This project we'll do again.


Lisa said...

LOVE the chia pet, too cute!! Looks like he needs a shave and haircut. I think we will be doing the butter making this week! I remember doing it with the second graders for our pioneer unit!!!!

Leah said...

I love the idea that shaking cream would turn into candy. What else could we transform with that process?

This Girl loves to Talk said...

hey.. i did a butter experiment on my blog too... my daughter did it at school so we tried at home... if you used marbles it happens fast and turns out just like store bought butter


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