Wednesday, May 7

Pot Holder Follow-Up

My daughter's preschool class did their pot holder drawings today. Their drawings are darling. Ah, now to whip those up and get them back to the kids by Thursday. I'll post a picture when they're done. Here are a few explanations and variations on this project -

Fabric Markers: You don't have to use them. You can use fabric crayons, a print gocco or scan them into your computer and print them out on inkjet fabric. I found a tdf (seriously.) quilt on Glittergoods' blog that was done this way. My mom used a gocco on the potholders shown in the picture I posted yesterday. You could also trace the image onto the fabric and then embroider it ala my kitty wall hanging. **IMPORTANT TIP**Don't use sharpies!! They bleed on the fabric. Turns out many people already know this. I learned the day before yesterday.

Fabric markers can be found in most craft stores. I found mine at Ben Franklin and at Jo-Ann's.

Potholders: You don't have to make 'em. You could turn your child's drawing into pillows, wall hangings, ornaments, tote bags, journal covers, dish cloths or just put it in a frame. Many of these ideas are suggested in The Creative Family by Amanda Soule.

That's all I got. Have any more tips or variations? Please, lemme know!

Look at what my oldest found in the yard ~ Forget-me-nots! I had completely forgotten about their existence until yesterday. I was flooded with memories of picking these as a child with my sister at our lake cabin.

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